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“Glamping” in the Serengeti

If you’ve ever longed to get up close to the fascinating wildlife and majestic scenery of East Africa, but without having to skimp on the comforts of the modern world, the Serengeti Bushtops Camp, exclusively available through Kuoni, could be your dream destination.

“Glamping” is exactly what it sounds like: glamorous camping – a new phenomenon in the travel industry that combines a slice of adventure and an authentic experience in the natural world with the pleasures and comforts of luxury living. It is precisely with this type of holiday in mind that Kuoni has developed the recently opened “Serengeti Bushtops Camps”, which stands alone on high ground overlooking the vast African savannah.
13 tents with their own terraces and whirlpool tubs have been built to luxury standards using high-grade woods, linen and leather. Standing apart from each other on their commanding site they offer uninterrupted proximity to the natural world. Fivestar facilities and comfort are ensured by the electricity generated by solar panels, running water from the camp’s own spring and outstanding service from the attentive staff.

However, there’s little sign of this luxury when you take the single-prop aircraft flight to the camp, or during the safari trips deep into the Serengeti. Encounters with the animal world would not be possible if guests weren’t prepared to experience some discomforts. There’s no hiding the fact that dust, heat and long journeys in an open jeep on bumpy tracks are also a key part of this African adventure.