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Customer Focus and Efficient Global Purchasing

Kuoni’s Group structure

In 2010 Kuoni continued the implementation of the customer-oriented group structure it had announced in 2009. This process is transfering Kuoni over from its former decentralised organisation to a global functional structure. The changes form an integrated part of the investment and cost reduction programme launched at the start of 2009.

The structure includes the two divisions Market Region North and Market Region South, as well as the Procurement and Production Unit that works for both these market regions. Destinations (destination management) is in place as one global division. The new organisation has a twin focus: marketing and sales on the one hand, and a global procurement and production capability on the other.

This organisational structure is based on the successful Kuoni Scandinavia structure, which has proved very efficient and effective over the years. The model has been adapted where appropriate to facilitate economies of scale and greater efficiency, as well as to take account of the broader range of products and varying requirements within the Kuoni Group as a whole.
The functional, globally organised areas, such as Finance, IT, Human Resources, Branding & Marketing, and Distribution, also have operational and strategic responsibility.

The new organisational structure facilitates faster implementation and execution of the Group’s existing growth strategy, which is based on an asset-light brand portfolio (Kuoni owns hardly any fixed assets – aircraft, ships, hotels, etc.). One key advantage is that group-wide projects are realised more efficiently.

Market Region North and South Divisions focus strongly on customers

The Market Region North Division includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Benelux and Russia, as well as the Scandinavian airline Novair and the “Playitas” sports and family holiday resort on Fuerteventura.